Hello strangers!

I know I haven’t been on here for a while. But once I’ve explained why, maybe you’ll forgive me.

It’s been quite liberating, brutally selling all my possessions through car boot sales and eBay. I hope to soon have nothing but dreams and freedom to pursue them.

I’d been forward in stating my intention to go travelling. But let me show you why; I was shown the most profound 5:30 video I have ever seen. Here it is:

It spurred the thought process where I asked myself, “Have I really worked hard to make the most of this miracle I have been blessed with, to sit here and stare at these four walls?” This got me thinking, about how I was surrounded by nice materialistic things. All the things that I have been led to believe that their attainment would lead to certain happiness. But I have them and am not happy.

So, I weighed up my options. Continue with my safe but unfulfilling life, and always wonder what could have been, or face soul crushing fear. Fear of the unknown. But I realised something at this point which made it all okay; if you’re in a situation where you can’t know all the things that can go wrong, equally you cannot know all the things that could go right.

I’ve been quite privileged to be able to look back over a group of extreme situations, condensed over the last few years, and clearly see what has transpired. Applying this life lesson makes me smile even when facing the bitterest, most painful situation. I have learned that if something isn’t going your way, keep in the back of your mind that “life” is steering you toward something better. Remember, though, that it is only steering; you still need to provide the momentum to keep moving forward. Always try your best and believe in your dreams. This mindset has propelled me much further than I ever thought possible, to the start of an unimaginable dream.

On the subject of propulsion, let me fill you in on the amazing discovery I’ve made this weekend. As you may know, I am confined to a wheelchair when “out and about”. Most people can push the rims of these useful devices to propel themselves. Frustratingly, I do not have the coordination to do this.

I am quite exhausted after a weekend of propelling myself through Ashridge Woods and Stowe Gardens. I have hired a piece of equipment to test its suitability and it is simply AWESOME. It can handle most terrains, hills, is transportable (on planes for instance…) and most importantly, I CAN PROPEL IT!!!

Enter the Mountain Trike.


This is my favourite picture from today. The beautiful catalyst responsible for showing me the life changing video pointing me to my dreams, sat on the equipment that can take me there.


All change

Sue Vincent - Daily Echo

It doesn’t feel right yet, switching off the alarm clock before I go to bed, but I could get used to it easily enough. The alarms didn’t go off, because I hadn’t asked them to and the novelty of not being dragged from my bed by their screeching is one I appreciate. For the past seven years, it is that ear-assaulting noise that has started my day, seven days a week, apart from my time in the north and the occasional research trip. Today, however, my services are not required.

The past few weeks have been busy ones. While both I and my younger son have been moving and getting settled into our respective new homes, my eldest son has been clearing and decluttering his home prior to leaving it. Nick has mentioned his plans to see something of the world and is busily making his preparations. We’ve worked long…

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DEAR WORDPRESS FRIENDS – I could really do with your help in sharing this around :-)

When I saw her, it was love at first sight. She is very high maintenance though.

When we began our adventure together, my current best friend knew the “ins and outs” of the maintenance meaning me and my new love could just enjoy our time together. Then I fell out with my best friend and learned just how much I didn’t know…

It has taken me until this point to simply get the things and knowledge I need to consider starting her up for the first time. I then began to look into care, maintenance and repair and to say I am daunted is an understatement! Anybody who already knows these things, I take my hat off to you.

For me, this is inevitably a long-term commitment, and one which I fear I cannot honour. I am selling my house and everything in it to explore the world. In addition, the slightest mistake could lead to permanent damage. This is not the machine for “trial and error”.

So I decided to grudgingly part ways with her. She currently resides on eBay. The problem is that although this is an awesome machine, she will only appeal to a select few. Of those people, most will not have the money to begin this relationship.

So, I am hoping to witness some WordPress community spirit in action and would be eternally grateful if you were to re-blog this. I am hoping that if enough people are introduced, she will have a good new home. Thank you.

Source: Custom Super Truck HPI Savage XL with Axial32 RR-1 COMPLETE KIT + ACCESSORIES | eBay

The Beginning is Near

This was just too amazingly relevant not to share (click on the link to see to what I’m referring to). It describes the mentality behind my extreme “dream catching mission” perfectly. I stumbled across this website (by chance?), specifically an article which simply contained a picture and a quote.  Together they make a reassuring and inspirational combination🙂


The Privilege of Solitude

There are revelations hidden within your inner Fortress of Solitude

To make the right choices in life, you have to get in touch with your soul. To do this, you need to experience solitude, which most people are afraid of, because in the silence you hear the truth and know the solutions.

It’s very rare to be able to remove yourself from a busy lifestyle, from the copious expectations associated with living. I was way too busy to even remotely consider solitude. But as it’s done so many times before, “life” steered me towards what I unknowingly needed, which differed completely from what I wanted. On face value, it would appear that my life was destroyed. However, I see now that I have been privileged to be able to take a step back from my life, assess it from a detached perspective and make a conscious decision on its direction. I am very grateful for the faculties I have been allowed to keep and enhance. I feel it is now my responsibility to fully utilise them.
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Pigs MIGHT fly

Watch this space!😉

Something is only unrealistic because it hasn't been done yet

Something is only unrealistic because it hasn’t been done yet

Happiness. Not Just a Chance, But a Choice.

I couldn’t have put it better myself! Please read these uplifting words from Inspired Beacon

Happiness is not just a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. You can be as happy as you make up your mind to be. Once you realize that happiness is not controlled by outside forces but instead by what goes on inside your mind, you can make happiness a choice, day by day.…

Source: Happiness Not Just a Chance, But a Choice

Raw relatable emotion

PTSD/TBI Poetry Project A commitment to write a poem for every PTSD/TBI post written since 2013. Posts private, or public from, WordPress, evernote, or Word. These will include the origin…

Source: Poetry Project

Overcoming Negative Influences & People

He speaks the truth! This frank honesty can only be admired. Respect.

Life After A Brain Injury

My name is Tom; I am 26 years old and the survivor of Acquired Brain Injury. I focused a lot on the importance of self-belief as well as having a supportive group of family and friends around you. These things can make huge difference throughout your recovery. Having faith in who you are and what you are doing combined with words of encouragement, congratulations as well as having a shoulder to cry on when things get tough, can in fact be the thing that is the difference maker in the rehabilitation process. Those supportive sentiments of close friends and family go a long way towards building up that sense of self belief, that belief that there is a life after a brain injury that can be productive, fulfilling and exciting.

But what about the people out there who seem to do their best to exude sentiments that make us feel…

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Views from an Injured Brain



I write predominantly about issues I’ve experienced. Although my situation is very unique, I have come to realise that the resulting issues I’ve faced are shared by many. I would very much like to hear if others have experienced similar ones.

It’s scientifically argued that You are defined by the  composition of your brain. It’s therefore justified to feel that when you’ve had a brain injury resulting in parts of your brain not functioning  properly, or at all, that the injury is to who you are. Basically, a brain injury makes You feel lesser.

A little clarification after a brain injury would go a long way in  limiting this destructive thought process. What defines who You are is your mind, which is a product of the early structure of your brain. Once formed though, it isn’t fixed. As we use a very small percentage of our brains, our minds can utilise spare brain, developing new ways of operating.

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