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kites and hares walk 185

“What’s the Egyptian word for Hare?” Not the usual opener to a telephone conversation, I grant you, but less of a surprise than you might think. Nick is finally writing his book. We had been talking about it earlier over coffee before he got up. I had congratulated him on the thirty thousand words he has written over the past few weeks. “Thirty seven thousand,” he corrected. My son never has been one to do things by halves and he book is progressing at an astonishing rate.

I haven’t read it yet… I’m not allowed. I have, however, read other things he has written and know it will be an interesting, and probably inspirational, read. It can’t be otherwise really, given the odds against him being able to write it at all.

The screwdriver that left him brain injured passed through those centres occupied with personality, language processing, memory and…

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  1. Such a great share from your Mum Nick.. and that book will be written in no time at the rate you are going. 🙂 Have a great weekend..

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  2. So looking forward to your book NIck! Write on! 🙂

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  3. You are so prolific, Nick. Just like your mom. Amazing how quickly you got that book written! I know there’s more to do, but still…congratulations. 🙂

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  4. Enjoy the editing Nick – the hardest part there is knowing when to stop editing! I read something recently that said you know your manuscript is ready when you can give a good reasoning/argument for everything 😉 I did like that – bring on the (gentle) arguments!

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    • That is very good advice. Thank you very much! I have converted the draft copy into an MP3 file. I listen to that often and it’s good that I cannot edit it. I will only edit where I have to, as yet, there is only one paragraph that needs to be added. Most of the rest is simply grammatical…

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  5. I’m glad that helped but I also like your confidence in your writing – that is more helpful! I spend years going in circles before I know where the plot is going 😉 But I guess I write fiction so I confuse myself with plot possibilities. I’m very much looking forward to your book Nick!

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  6. Following my own crammed writing experience in January and then a holiday, I’ve been gradually trawling back through old blog posts, so I’m well behind with this. Great that you’ve finished the draft and no doubt you’ve given it the space we’re all supposed to before going back to it. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece in due course.
    All the best

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    • I feel for you there! I’ve not had chance to keep up with others anywhere near as much as I’d like. Although I’ve not been physically travelling (although really need to!), I’ve been on a very fulfilling journey of self-realisation. This has been very time-consuming! I didn’t know that this is what who are meant to do when you have written a book, but have inadvertently done this anyway 🙂

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