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nick-and-aniShe got up this morning and squeaked. She’s not supposed to squeak, but it seemed about all she could manage. She tried a whisper, but that didn’t work out too well either… more of a frog sound… so she’s pretty quiet this morning, though there seems to be a lot of groaning going on. Serves her right for spending so much time on the phone when she should have been playing with me.

That’s bad enough, but there are strange things going on. My boy… the one who has allowed a cat into his life… he seems to have  lost the plot. He’s phoning her  up to talk about the thing. He’s even sending her pictures of the fatuous feline!

Once upon a time, he was all mine. There was no doubt about that at all. Now? It just keeps going from  bad to worse. He’s started whispering when he…

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  1. Your story is inspiring nick!! it’s helped me a lot I was paralyzed three years ago to the day


    • My only advice to you would be to say: it’s easy when life has been so cruel to focus on what you don’t have. Quite justifiably so! But if you can, think about what you still have.

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      • Yeah the first year I was kind of thinking on all of the stuff that I can do but I’ve done a complete 180 and learned I can still do everything I used to be able to do I just have to figure out a different way to do them


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