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I was always waiting for things to get better, knew that something great was just around the corner. Fulfilment, though, has always been just out of reach, seemingly a privilege only others are entitled to. I yearned for it, but didn’t know in which direction to go to find it. Then, when I saw a quote, I suddenly realised what needed to be done:

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you”. James Allen

It was clear to me – I must seize control of my mind, to pilot it towards fulfilment.

I sought out psychotherapy, enlisted a psychologist, bought self-help books, spent hours challenging my fundamental beliefs. It soon became apparent that nothing external needed to change. I had to change my mind. And that meant truly seeing what was around me, not what I expected to see. It meant ripping myself away from being controlled by my “autopilot”, which runs on an internal model stored in your mind, built from your interpretation of life. It works relentlessly on solving perceived problems, often focussing solely on them at the expense of awareness. Although it does have its uses, there is a time and a place for it. Left unchecked, it can automatically try to solve life, which is a futile and consuming exercise. I’ll give you an example of “autopilot” in action: Have you ever made a journey somewhere and upon arrival, thought, “How did I get here?” You may as well have been asleep, as you had no conscious involvement. Meanwhile, the “autopilot” was busy solving the problem at hand – how to get to your destination.

I needed to wake up to what was happening around me – LIFE!! I had been searching all around for fulfilment in life, when instead I should have been taking fulfilment for being in life, and appreciating the potential fulfilment already within me. I worked out that all you need is a slight shift in perspective to transform your world into a thing of wonder; a shift in your focus from what you don’t have, to what you do have. It’s truly liberating when you realise that although you can’t control this volatile substance we call life, you can control your reaction to it, and so reclaim the purpose to your existence.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”. Marcel Proust

Lately, I have spent more time in my head, than in this wondrous world around me. I developed a meditation to help re-establish my connection with reality, and appreciate who I am within it. I am sharing this meditation in the hope that it may help someone. If you want to give it a go, please spend as much or as little time on any part of it as you see fit. It is specific to my personal problems, so may not be completely relevant for you. It usually takes me around 15 minutes.

  •  Sit on a firm seat, with your eyes closed and in a dignified position.
  •  Don’t try to change anything – you and all your faults have done amazing things to get you this far. Be proud to be you.
  •  Listen to what propaganda is playing in your mind. Acknowledge it with endearing amusement, as if it were a child that doesn’t know any better. Realise that your mind is just constantly generating ideas based on it’s experiences; whether you choose to pay attention to them is entirely up to you.
  • Ground yourself in this moment. Feel any sensations in your body – notice the contact with whatever is supporting you, your clothes/any wind against your skin, any aches and pains, smells etc. Come home to the body. If your mind wanders, gently escort your attention back to the here and now.
  • Appreciate that this moment will never happen again, and that every time you do this meditation, it is closer to the end of this “extended holiday*”. Don’t be annoyed about any distractions; instead, embrace them for helping make part of your moment. Apply this to life – after all, it is nothing more than a moment in existence.
  •  Now focus on your breathing, on your abdomen changing on the in and out breaths, any pauses between these.
  • Feel the life around you. Breath it in as pure bright energy. Synchronise it with your breathing like waves in an ocean. On every in breath, imagine the life flowing to each part of your body, leaving it glowing with energy, feeling any sensations intensely as if for the first time. Feel it revitalising and regenerating everywhere it goes. It should eventually fill every fibre of your being. At this point remind yourself – you ARE life!
  •  Alternate between thinking of past / future achievements:

Think of an achievement, one which made / will make, you feel proud of yourself. Go back/ forwards to that moment. Imagine you’re there, feeling all the sensations, within and without. Especially focus on the emotions.

  • Keep that emotion in the forefront of your mind. Now, on every in breath, repeat “I love myself”. Feel the contentment and security, knowing that you will always be truly loved on a level that transcends reality. Remind yourself that you’ll always be looked after by someone who has achieved amazing things; who knows everything there is to know about you. That you will never be alone if you just listen to your “higher self” / soul calling out his help.

*When I went on a holiday to Tenerife, I was so much more motivated and enjoyed what was around me, much more than usual. I thought how much I’d dearly love to replicate whatever had so much of a positive effect on me, so asked myself, “Why was this?” It was because I was seeing this place for the first time, so my “autopilot” wasn’t engaged. Plus, I was acutely conscious that I was only there for a limited time so had to make the most of it. By looking at my normal life back home as just a longer version of my time in Tenerife, an “extended holiday” in England, I gain a much-needed shift in perspective.

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  1. Positive thinking and cleansing your mind always helps. 🙂

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  2. It is all too easy to let life pass us by whilst being on ‘auto pilot.’ Thanks for sharing this, Nick 🙂

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  3. A thought-provoking post, Nick. Thank you.

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  4. a wonderful post that serves as a great reminder to all of us )

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  5. You are so right Nick, live every second as if it were you last, see every glorious colour in the colidascope that is our reality. Believe,be brave and be happy.💜

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  6. Amazing, message, Nick! I believe that our life develops from the way we think. Our thoughts influence everything. They can be our best friend or our worst enemy. And the good news is that we can decide what we think. This is an amazing insight that we are not a slave to our thoughts but their master. It is the being that thinks the thoughts and which has the leash in hands. That means that we (the beings) are not our thoughts. It needs practice, meditation, observation, and discipline. But it is possible to change our thought patterns. And we change our thoughts we definitely change our lives. Great and inspiring post, Nick!!

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    • Thanks as always Erika! Indeed, I have been trying to observe triggers for thoughts, and analysing where they lead. I’ve come to learn that any one thought is part of a “constellation of thoughts”, meaning that an insignificant thought can trigger the rest of its corresponding constellation. I have seen my mood in the downward spiral and caught it many times now. I started learning all this about my mind to counter the negativity which was consuming me, but have noticed that this applies to your mood climbing as well. Recently, my mood has been soaring as when you activate a positive constellation of thoughts, this leads to perpetual positivity. Although this heightened mood is susceptible to external factors, I am trying to employ the tactic to limit the damage. I’ll show you the daily reminder I have set myself on my phone:

      Whenever you feel a strong emotion or impulse, stop and ask: how do I want to react? Acknowledge the thought which caused it, realise it can’t control you if you don’t let it, then watch it become powerless.

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      • All these insights are so amazing but what is most amazing and hard to describe is experiencing and feeling the deep truth about the insight. Such a knowing can never be lost again and will always pull us back on track because once we have learned it can get a bit out of sight at times but we can never lose it again and will always remember. We have the power about how we feel because how we feel is not a gift from someone or something but a decision we make and it depends on the thoughts we choose. It is a great tool you found here as a daily reminder. It is true, whenever we tend to react reflexively through our old thinking pattern we need to pause for a moment and get aware in order to take control again. It needs some time in the beginning but it also becomes a reflex over time. We can program ourselves in every way we choose. Awesome!!

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        • I thought reaction was inevitable, simply a product of who I am, but as you say, we can ACT consciously. It was a moment of pure joy when I realised the potential wondrous new life at my “mental fingertips”, limited only by my imagination. We can choose to be who we want to be, therefore we can choose the shape of our future.
          I only see one problem standing in the way of this. As I understand it, when we hesitate, our conscious minds kick in, and a process called “the spotlight effect” is implemented, where the brain attributes fear to whatever caused hesitation, enlisting our inbuilt defence mechanism to prevent potential pain. This means that our conscious mind has already been invoked, and so, if we CHOOSE to face our fears, we can build the best version of ourselves. So to tie this all in, I guess reaction is largely spurred by fear, and that I have discovered a way to break free of its limiting grip. Now to just implement it effectively…

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          • It is the most amazing insight – at least it felt to me. When I had that insight it was most liberating when I realized that I don’t need to fear anything and anyone. It is my life and and my decision. When I feel like going for something I feel passionate about then I am allowed to do it and I don’t need to care what others think about it as long as I feel good about it.
            Yes, you are so right, Nick. It is our conscious mind or actually that what happens reflexively out of our habitual thinking praciteced and nurtured over years and decades. But once we had that insight we can consciously question that reflexive reaction and consciously make a decision out of our new consciousness which over time becomes a part of our conscious mind. It needs practice. I love how you said it “if we CHOOSE to face our fears, we can build the best version of ourselves.” It is exactly about that. It is ALWAYS up to us whether we choose consciously or out of a reflex coming from out old patterns. It is our choice! It amazing to have that choice. We are not depending on anyone. It is in our hands. Again, thank you for this amazing post and thank you for taking the time for replying so detailed. What an inspiration, Nick!


  7. Wonderful post, Nick – truly thought provoking. I’m afraid I’m guilty of being on auto-pilot much of the time. Time to change! Thank you.

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  8. Great message, Nick. I’ve never tried meditation, but have some friends who swear by it. I’m going to do it! The way you approach it sounds very self-affirming.

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  9. Great post, Nick. I’m glad you are sharing the ‘secret’ of your awesome mind power. 😉 It is what we all have access to, but seldom reach for. Good thoughts!

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  10. A great post Nick and as always very thought provoking…I do not meditate as often as I should I let life get in the way instead of just taking 5. But when I do it frees your mind like nothing else does and you soar up, up and away.. 🙂

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    • Well I wouldn’t know about that as I’m still new to meditation. I know that I have been guilty, even knowing what I know, of not putting it into practice when it was needed. But hopefully, with discipline and determination, I will free my mind indefinitely 🙂

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  11. Reblogged this on firefly465 and commented:
    Wisdom from Nick which we all need.

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  12. Thanks, Nick, for this post. It is true that there are no coincidences, I really needed to read your post right now and I will try the meditation. The auto pilot thing has got me through ten years of hell but it’s time it took a well-deserved rest. Have a wonderful week, my friend. x

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    • Oh, I wholeheartedly agree! Autopilot does have its uses and is not the enemy! Certainly got me through my nightmare. But like you, it has served its purpose and needs to take a back seat for a while. I am glad that this post helped you. And I’ve noticed that although I rarely get what I want, I always get what I need. Even though I didn’t know I needed it, without the power of hindsight. x

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  13. Reading your post has made me see that I spend far too much time on autopilot. I need to meditate more, but I usually fall asleep…

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  14. An interesting post, Nick. I’m so glad you’ve found a way to achieve happiness and peace in the moment. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  15. Wonderful meditation and insights and quotes, Nick. Thanks so much for sharing your journey, discoveries, and wisdom. I can’t help smiling just reading this post. 😀

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  16. “You are today where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you”. James Allen
    Well said
    Sometimes it’s either mind or the brain,
    Maybe the world can limit our capabilities but in our mind we are always free

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